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The Skateboard School

The Skateboard School is the World's first online Skateboard school designed for all ages of every skill level in 7 Different Languages with over 20 hours of Professional Skateboarding Lessons.

Skateboard Lessons

Skate Coach Support

Whenever you're struggling with a trick or want help in learning how to skateboard. Simply contact your Skate Coach via video, text or call. Unlimited contact 24 hours per day!

Skateboard Lessons

We offer Professional Skateboard Lessons from Certified Professional Skateboard Instructors. We teach Private or Group Lessons. Lessons are 1 hour each. Contact for more details!

Virtual Lessons

We offer Professional Skateboard Lessons from Certified Professional Skateboard Instructors. During CV-19 We teach Private 1 hour Lessons Contact for more details!

Meet Our Professional Skateboard Coaches

Bryan Michael Williams

Founder / Professional Skateboard instructor / Skate Coach Support / Virtual Lessons / The Skateboard School

Bryan Michael Williams founded The Skateboard School after giving Private Skateboard Lessons for over 10 years. Bryan created The Skateboard School in an effort to teach the world how to have fun while learning how to skateboard. Bryan is currently the Head instructor for "Skate Coach" and for Virtual Private Lessons.

Mark Hilaman

Professional Skateboard instructor / Skate Coach Support / Private lessons / Virtual Lessons / The skateboard school

Mark is one of the greatest skaters and instructors we've ever had. Bryan grew up skating with Mark and they quickly developed high level talent at very young ages. Mark has been giving skateboard lessons for over 10 years and can do whatever trick he wants, whenever he wants! Mark skates Regular but there is nothing Regular about his talent on a Skateboard!

Shane Mcnulty

Professional Skateboard Instructor / Skate Coach Support / Private lessons / Virtual Lessons / The skateboard school

Shane has been giving private and group lessons for over 10 years and has been skating for the last 15. Shane can skate anything and everything. Vert Skateboarding, Street Skateboarding, Transition Skating on top of being one of the best at all flip tricks. Shane is an expert on and off his skateboard!

+ Over 500 instructors worldwide!

Certified skateboard instructors / Private lessons / Virtual lessons / 7 different languages available!

We have over 500 Certified, Reviewed and carefully handpicked Instructors Worldwide. The Skateboard School offers Skateboard Lessons on every continent in over 7 different languages! Contact us to find out who your Local Instructors are and what Language you want your Lessons in!

Why the Skateboard School?

We offer Professional Skateboard Lessons on a 24 hour basis no matter what part of the world you live in. We’re skateboarders with over 40 years combined Skateboarding experience and over 30 years combined of Teaching Skateboarding to others. 

We don’t just teach you how to Skateboard or how to become a better Skateboarder… We teach you how to have fun while doing so all at an affordable cost. Our competitors overcharge for their Skateboard Lessons and video courses. We wanted to bring everyone together with one common goal. A fun, affordable way to learn and progress from beginner to pro level within Skateboarding. Taught in almost every language spoken across the entire world! (See the Skateboard School below) All of our instructors are certified Professionals and work great with kids of any age as well as adults of any age. We’re proud to say we believe we’re the number one company in the world when it comes to friendly, affordable skateboard lessons and video courses. We’re here so that you can master Skateboarding no matter your age or skill level and have fun doing so! 

Keep up with Skateboard News, Trick tips and Tutorials on The Skateboard School Blog!

What our clients have to say:

"It was a pleasure to have Bryan and Mark teach on a daily basis at the Kennett Area YMCA Skatepark. They were wonderful with our kids and our afterschool program. Highly recommended and reliable"
Kennett YMCA Summer Camp
Trained with Bryan and Mark
"Bryan and Mark are really cool dudes. They taught me how to do most of my nollie tricks. If you're getting lessons, get them from these guys! I never had to pay but feel like I should have."
Marcus "Hopsin" Famous Rapper
Trained with Bryan and Mark
"Я многому научился у Брайана. Он был очень профессиональным и здорово с моим сыном"
Olezka Lebedev
Trained with Bryan

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