• How Old Do You Have To Be To Join?

There is no age restriction on learning to skateboard with the skateboard school however it is important that the session you choose to join is suitable for your age group. Our group sessions at The House Skatepark have a general age range of people between the age of 5 and 14 but we can adapting coaching skills for people of any age. We run private 1 on 1 lessons with people of all ages as you are never too old to give it a go. Our work with Sheffield United Community Foundation has a strict age group of people between the ages of 8 years old to 25.  If you are still unsure of which group will suit you best please contact us.

  • How much does it cost?

Please download of price list by clicking here, This will give you all our pricing information and for anything which we haven't listed on there please contact us.

  • How do i book a session?

We have made booking a session with us very simple. If you would like to book onto a group session or a private 1 on 1 lesson we now have a online booking system which will enable us to make sure we have the right amount of staff on each session. This page can be found under any of the "book now" buttons on the website or alternatively clicking here.

Our free session's can be found by clicking here to book onto these you must fill out all the details on the right hand side and submit the form. Our team will then check the information and respond to you via email to tell you if you have a confirmed space or not.


We will provide all necessary equipment on any of our lesson's this includes helmets, knee pads, elbow pad and wrist guards. We will also provide a skateboard if you do not already have one.  All our equipment which we provide are those that a professional could use. 

  • Do you provide equipment?

We do sell skateboards but only ones we produce. They are great quality and we sell them as cheap as possible therefore they are the perfect starter set up for anyone just getting into skateboarding. These products along with others can be found on our online shop by clicking here.

  • Do you sell skateboards?