New to Skateboarding?

If you have never been on a skateboard before i can be difficult to work out how is best to get into it. Although there are skateparks all over they tend to be busy and rather intimidating and this can cause people to feel nervous when they give it a go. We can provide you with a safe environment and a coach to get you started, we also provide you with all the necessary equipment including skateboard, helmet and a full pad set.  Our first timer session can be booked for when is best for yourself and the session will run from The House Skatepark.

  • £15 for a first timer session for 1
  • £25 for a first timer session for 2

All equipment is provided.

Use the booking section on the right hand side, simply choose the first timer session and choose a date and time which suits you best and a member  of our team will be in contact.