The Skateboard School along with other companies from around the Sheffield area have been featured on a website called "The Outdoor City" Sheffield's very own outdoor activities website. Click the image below to read the write up about us.

Skateboarding’s chameleon quality, that sees it change with the times and the fashions, often setting them, makes it feel forever fresh and modern. But skateboarding has a long, rich history in Sheffield. The city boasts an impressive roll call of pro and skate industry sponsored skaters, and punches above its weight on the UK scene with a solid skateboarding community. Sheffield has given the wider skating world pro skaters like Mark Baines who runs skate clothing company Story, and Jerome Campbell, whose international reputation continues to grown. While some sports organise themselves around clubs, though, the skateboard scene is more fluid. Parks, shops, interest groups and skate lesson providers make up aspects of this fascinating community. Here’s a run down on how and where to meet fellow skaters, hang out, and improve your skills.
— The Outdoor City