Jerome Campbell "The Distracted Mind"

Born and bred in Sheffield, England, Jerome Campbell has come to be one of the most humble and stylish skateboarders to grace the planet. In recent years his passion for skateboarding has coincided with a love for taking photos. Directed by Robin Pailler, this short film brings an insight into Jerome’s world, the production of his first zine ‘Travelling To Return Home’, his fears on getting old, and why skateboarding and photography share so many similarities in their process. This short film is based on the article “The Distracted Mind” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on Jerome Campbell is an ambassador for Converse Cons. Desillusion is a 260 page coffee table book, ad free, accompanied by a series of short-films exclusively showcasing every week on At the crossroads of two opposite worlds, the street & the beach, Desillusion pays a tribute to youth & a subculture raised on a surf and/or skateboard.